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Reporte de Latin Lawyer del I Congreso sobre matrimonio civil entre personas del mismo sexo -

Emilio Demetriou-Jones reporte de Latin Lawyer realizó una nota de la futura conferencia: 

The Latin American Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the LGBTI Population (Fundación Igualitos) has organised a four-day conference on same-sex marriage that will start on 8 November in San José, Costa Rica and promote ongoing efforts towards legalisation.

The conference will host distinguished experts and advocates from various Latin American countries to examine and highlight the case for making same-sex marriage legal through pro bono work, as well as academic and political campaigning on national and international platforms.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay are the only countries in Latin America that have legalised same-sex marriage. Chilean president Michelle Bachelet sent an equal marriage bill to congress in August 2016 after US firm Arent Fox LLP and Rivadeneira Colombara Zegers Abogados in Santiago helped a leading Chilean human rights group successfully petition her administration.

The panels will discuss legislative pressure and constitutional procedures across the region; prejudices, heteronormativity and conservatism; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) rights in an international context.

Salvadorean-Swiss lawyer Herman Duarte, founder of Igualitos and head of HDuarte-LEX arbitration boutique, says he chose Costa Rica because the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) is located in the country as well as for its strong democratic history.


Duarte’s organisation is awaiting an advisory opinion from the IACHR on three requests that were submitted by the Costa Rican government in May.

The requests asked if Organisation of American States (OAS) member states must do more than legalise civil unions and ensure LGBTI couples have the same adoption and joint tax filing rights as their heterosexual counterparts. “We believe that patrimonial aspects are not enough,” says Duarte. “We are putting pressure on institutions in a democratic and peaceful way by organising this conference.”

The IACHR acts as the human rights arm of the OAS, which counts all Latin American countries as members. While governments do not always comply with its decisions, the institution does act as a powerful force for change.

Duarte’s Fundación Igualitos is a non-profit organisation established under the laws of Costa Rica. The purpose of the foundation is to eradicate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity across Latin America.

For the full programme and locations of each panel, click here.

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Amicus para matrimonio igualitario en Panamá
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Amicus para matrimonio igualitario en Panamá

Amicus preparado por HDUARTE-LEX que se presentará esta semana ante la Corte Suprema de Justicia de Panamá para lograr el reconocimiento del matrimonio de Enrique Jelensky y John Winstanley. 

GraciasIván Chanis Barahona por todo el trabajo de coordinar y por permitirme en lo personal y a Igualitos ser parte de la historia en Panamá.

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